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Web Designer Durham

3 Benefits A Web Designer Durham Can Get From Using WordPress

Companies looking for a web designer Durham based may see that a lot of them use WordPress for building websites. You may know it as a blogging platform, and many people seem to think wrong that it is used only for that purpose. The truth is, WordPress has evolved enormously over the years and has been very popular worldwide, with over 33% of all websites utilising it.

Surely, WordPress must have several extraordinary features for it to have such popularity and be used by a huge number of people. Still, if you’re doubtful why hiring a web designer Durham based who utilises WordPress is a good idea, here are some of its most helpful features:

1. Scalability and flexibility

WordPress is ideal for businesses that want more flexibility in setting up their websites. Smaller businesses can be assured that they can increase the server size and efficiency of their online site as they are growing. Removing or adding features from a website can easily be done when utilising WordPress, allowing companies to modify their websites quickly. You can do this thanks to numerous plugins accessible online, which allow businesses to incorporate a wide variety of extra features for their websites, like an online store, images, social media integration, videos, and much more. In addition, WordPress hosting services can always make their server space up to date to accommodate the rising demands and traffic from users, providing quick loading times for all users.

2. SEO friendliness

Having a WordPress based online site is an excellent decision if you would like to enhance the online presence of your business. WordPress is particularly developed to be ideal for search engine optimisation (SEO), so online sites that use this will tend to show up first in the search engine results pages (SERP). Also, WordPress sends a notification to Google whenever you update your online site, making your new content gain higher rankings on SERPs. Exceptional WordPress based website developers can also assist businesses in making appropriate, unique, and quality content that is appropriately optimised for search engines.

3. Security and safety

Cybersecurity must be the main focus of any company because cybercrime is becoming prevalent today. Even small businesses cannot afford to take this crucial factor aside, as cybercriminals usually target them over larger companies. Thankfully, WordPress is among the most trusted web development platforms in existence.

Since WordPress is free software, everybody can apply modifications to its source code. Although this results in cybercriminals getting access to that code too, there is an advantage to it being an open source which prevents them from cracking it. Because everybody has open access, developers everywhere can collaborate and come together to discover more ways to bolster the security measures of WordPress. Because of this, websites that utilise WordPress are now very hard to breach. The strong security tools are updated regularly by WordPress, keeping your website resistant to any act of cybercrime.

WordPress is a reliable, versatile, and powerful content management system that is considered as a major asset to every business’s digital strategy. It is the most recommended CMS of many web designer Durham based professionals simply because of all the benefits that come with it. Once you acquire a WordPress based development service, you're assured of having a top-notch website that can serve as an ideal representation of your business.